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The real estate market is always changing but one thing that does not change is how to prepare your home for sale. One of the best things you can do before listing your home with a RE/MAX agent is to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and look at your home through their eyes. In short, allowing yourself to think like a buyer will give you the opportunity to see things about your home that may need to be accentuated and things about your home that may detract from obtaining a maximum sales price and a quick sale. Below is a check list that will help in your preparation for sale. Going thru this checklist item by item will increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars. Of course, most of these things can be done easily; it will simplify the process to hire a good handyman or painter if your house needs heavy preparation.

  1. First Impressions Count - The first thing a buyer is going to see when they pull up to your home is the outside. Make sure the lawn is manicured regularly, freshen up mulch and plant colored flowers or shrubs. Make sure your entry is clutter free. Clean the front door and either re-stain or paint it if it looks weathered. Matched planters with flowers at the entry are inviting to viewers. Curb appeal is huge!

  2. Cleaning up on the Sales Profits - Let's face it, having a clean house leaves a good impression. When bedrooms, floors, kitchen, bathrooms and main living areas are clean and clutter free, it leaves the buyer with the impression that the home is immaculately maintained all the way around. It also allows them to imagine their furnishings in your home. The cleaner the house, the better the impression.

  3. Touch up Where Necessary - Spend some time freshening up paint, wiping or painting crown molding, trim, doors and light switches. If your wallpaper is dated, this is an objection to some buyers, as they see it as something they are going to have to spend money on to remove. (Loud Colors are no longer fashionable, so stay with neutral tones.)

  4. Carpets and Tile - Have carpet and tile/grout professionally cleaned. This will allow them to show at their best and remove any odors that may be lingering in fibers or surfaces.

  5. De-scuff Woodwork - There are quite a few scuff cover products on the market that, when applied to stained woodwork, will make them look like new.

  6. Pay Attention to the Little Things - Check for burned out light bulbs, leaking faucets, stained sinks or tubs. Re-grout where necessary if there is mildew behind tub and shower caulk. Your local hardware store will have solutions for these. If you feel this is out of your area of expertise, hire a handyman to take care of these items. It will always increase your sales price. When the little things are left unattended, buyers will get the impression that larger things are also neglected.

  7. Sticking Doors and Cabinets - Have a handy man plane any doors or cabinets that are sticking. This will come up on the inspection report and becomes an annoyance to potential buyers.

  8. Safety First - Remember that the buyers who are viewing your home, are not familiar with that slippery rug, extension cords running across the study floor, or the roller skates that are kept just outside the garage door. Alleviate potential accidents and don't trip up a sale.

  9. Space is Desirable - In our current Real Estate market, buyers are looking for large rooms, open floor plans and places to store their acquisitions. Keep closets uncluttered. Clean out attic spaces and garages and organize bedroom closets and drawers. It is a great time to send unwanted items to charity or just pack them up and store them in a storage unit until the move to your next house. (A good way to think about it is, you are going to move any – so pack the things that make the house look cluttered or over furnished.) Color coding your closet give the buyer the impression that you are super organized which correlates to a well maintained home.

  10. Light it up - Turn on the lights for showings. The more – the better. Most buyers want to feel warm and comfortable. A well lit house gives a cheery, sunny feeling.

  11. Eliminate Odors - Most houses have some odors but when you have lived there for a while, you may not smell them anymore. Cleaning carpets, tile and grout and repainting will eliminate most of the odors. Keep pets groomed and odor free. It may make the difference between your house getting the contract, or the one down the street.

  12. Doggie's Day Out - Whenever possible, keep pets outside or take them with you if you are leaving for a showing.

  13. Yum-Yum - Fresh baked cookies are always inviting to potential buyers and make your house feel more welcoming.

  14. Keep a Low Profile - It is always best to allow the buyer to look at your home when you are not in it. Buyers tend to feel like they are intruding when the seller is present during the showing. In some cases, this cannot be avoided, so if you have to remain at home during the showing, try not to articulate the virtues of your house. The Real Estate agent is always the best person to go over attributes with the buyer.

  15. No Garage Sale - If you have personal items that you are planning to sell, do it thru the newspaper or internet. Trying to sell furnishings to potential buyers distracts from the sale of your house which is your ultimate goal. Keep these things separate.

  16. Set the Mood - Put on some soft music that will accentuate your homes ambiance. Music changes everything, so rock and roll would not create a feeling of comfort and calm.

  17. Let the Pro's Do It - Your RE/Max Associates Northeast agent is experienced in negotiating terms and other real estate matters, so let the buyer deal with your licensed professional.

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