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RE/MAX Associates Northeast

We at RE/MAX Associates Northeast feel it is our obligation to provide our agents with the best technology and resources so that they remain highly competitive and continue to deliver superior service to every customer. Below are just a few of the many resources and benefits that RE/MAX Associates Northeast offers.

Top 15 resource reasons why RE/MAX Associates Northeast
is the place to start your new career.

  1. Global direct referral network. Agent received full referral commission without any company deductions and allows referring agent to maintain control.

  2. National brand recognition. RE/MAX® invests millions annually in nationally televised programs, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet to maintain customer awareness.

  3. Lead generation plan with electronic drip mail campaign which allows our agents to properly manage customer inquiries and assure good communications.

  4. Broad internet exposure with national and local lead generation. A very large part of our market utilizes the internet to select their agent and obtain information on the homes they choose to purchase. We at RE/MAX Associates Northeast have invested heavily in purchasing internet traffic to increase our company visibility.

  5. Individualized agent web pages eliminating the need for agents to obtain their own domains and sites. Friendly agent web pages that appear as if it is their very own personalized site.

  6. Individual electronic forms account with digital document storage. Whether you are working from the office or home our agents have access to every necessary real estate form keeping them prepared and organized.

  7. Showing coordination software with enhanced feedback reporting that removed the mundane chore of arranging showing for other agents and phoning them for feedback. Membership in a professional showing service provides this for you efficiently with pinpoint timing.

  8. State of the art high-speed internet and wireless service, convenient and fast. Weekly visits by IT professional keep systems running optimally.

  9. Agent participation in ancillary service such as title company that delivers a superior service while allowing you profit.

  10. RE/MAX® Design Center for creating high quality marketing materials as if a commercial artist created them for you.

  11. Mentoring and training that is designed to your specific needs.

  12. Full services and professional staff support that removes hurdles and allows you time to focus on tasks that are more important.

  13. Customizable commission plans. We offer a menu of plans to suit your needs.

  14. Transaction Coordinator and Graphic Artist who assists in preparing marketing, promotional materials and manages paperwork.

  15. Real Estate Career Simulator Our Real Estate Simulator™ is a world-class assessment tool that uses simulation technology to recreate the real-life challenges that real estate agents encounter on a daily basis. Play the role of a Real Estate Agent and interact with virtual clients who are interested in buying or selling property.
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